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Canada’s Premier Supplier Of Custom Feather Flags

If you are looking for the most effective way to market your brand, product, location or some promotion, opting for custom feather flags will be the best decision you’ll ever make and they're perfect promotional banners for everything from car dealerships, indoor convention booths, outside retail businesses, or even events at the beach. Choose between complete kits or replacement flags.

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Custom Feather Flag Options

Our feather flags are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use as they are made up of 110gm top-notch quality polyester which makes them both durable and weather resistant.

Custom Feather Flags – 30% Off and Free Shipping

You can now order your custom flags at a 30% discounted price. Moreover, you can qualify for free shipping with a coupon code if your order is over $100.
(You will not be eligible for free shipping without using the coupon code).

Both our custom flags and custom feather flags are highly portable and versatile. We’ve kept the weight of our flag pole kits light enough for you to carry them around anywhere you want on different events. We provide several different options when it comes to the flag pole mounting so that whether you want to install your flag kits on the fences, tents, poles or walls, you can easily get it done.

If you want your banner to stand out at some outdoor event then use our 15 foot feather flag banner kit or if it’s some indoor event where you want to get “noticed”, you can opt for our 8-foot flutter flag kit. In a nutshell, we will provide you any size you want in custom feather flags for you to market your business, products or events.

If you really want to add something eye-catching to your advertising campaign, try out our custom air dancers. We’ll be more than happy to provide you with a custom inflatable tube man that has your logo, your decided colors and your graphics. This specifically is good for outdoor advertising signs and you really do get the attention you want for your business. To order, you can first make a free design request at our website and then decide whether you want to buy it or not.

Flag Bases & Brackets

Ground Spike
This one’s best for any outdoor location where there’s dirt, mud or grass. All you have to do is to twist and push the ground spike down into the ground until it stands still and steady. Just make sure that while you do this, there are no sprinkler pipes that are being damaged underground.

Cross Base
For a solid and flat surface, we have the cross base for you that comes with a weight of 10lbs. To install the feather flag kit and keep it stable, you’d need some additional weight. For that we recommend you use some weight donuts that can add somewhat around 15lbs to the entire base. If not that, sand-bags can also make a great option here to increase the weight.

Heavy Duty Flat Base
Flat base is the best option for you if you don’t want the base to be prominent. This mounting base comes with a weight of 16lbs and it can easily handle any feather flag kit. It’s basically a great solution for a flat surface where you want to hide the base under some table or drawer.

Car Wheel Base
The car wheelbase is specifically designed for car dealers to put on their car flags. Installing these wheel bases is quite simple and the best part is that you can move them easily from one place to another.

Order Custom Feather Flags Quickly Online

We have a very simple and easy 3-step buying process for custom feather flags. Usually companies just provide you a design tool and leave you in a hassle full process where you have to design the flags and banners on your own. However, with Tent Depot, using the designing tools will be the least one of your concerns because we already have a team of designers that will be helping you get your desired product. To request a design proof, click here, checkout what we have and then decide whether you want to purchase it or not.

If you want to make things more exciting by learning how to design a custom feather flag then try doing it with adobe illustrator. It’s quite easy to use the vector file of your logo and design a custom feather flag with it. Using a vector file means that we’ll be able to increase or decrease the size of your logo without worrying about its quality. Moreover, to get the best print quality, it’s recommended to use “ai, pdf or eps” vector formats. They really do help produce excellent results.

You can get free shipping on the purchase of every feather flag kit. Also, we’ve got some custom signs with a discounted price of 20% so if you find any of them suitable, purchase them and save yourself some money. Our top-notch quality feather flags will help you land some potential customers for your business or auto dealerships in the most effective possible way.

We offer both double sided and single sided custom feather flags. And if you want to make your advertising more powerful, it’s highly recommended to opt for double sided flags to target traffic from all directions.

If you are on a tight budget, it’s recommended that you try out our stock feather flag banners. When it comes to these banners, you will never run short of options because there are more than 600 of them available in our inventory. The most popular of all are our open flags and sale flags. The stock designs will just cost you as less as $14.99 on each one of the replacement flags. On the other hand, we have complete kits available on a discounted price of $49. In a nutshell, if you want some high quality banners and flags without putting too much pressure on your pocket then this is the right place for you!

About our Custom Feather Flags

Installation, Care, and Storage


Our usual feather flag kit comes with a pole kit, a ground spike and your custom printed feather flag. The installation of these flags is quite easy as you simply have to hammer down the ground spike in the grass or just twist it till it stands steady. In order to get a large pole piece, you just have to telescope the poles right from the smallest to the largest piece.

The height of the pole will vary for each feather flag as per its size. Next comes sliding the flag right from the start of the pole (start with the thin pole piece). In case you’ve purchased our tie-down clip, simply tie the flag to it. Now hammer down the flag pole into the ground but first make sure there are no power lines or pipes where you are installing the flag kit.


Even though our flag kits are weather-resistant and durable, it’s still recommended that you bring them inside during extreme weather conditions. Not taking the flag poles inside during severe heat or severe winds might cause some wear and tear.

Do Not Bleach


Wash Cold

Hang Dry

Do Not Iron


Our flag banners are quite durable and so is the printing on them but it’s recommended that you store them properly in some box at room temperature. Leaving the flag kit in the garage or some barns might damage the print due to extreme heat.

Washing & Cleaning

You can always put the flags in a washer but make sure to run them on a lighter cycle and use cold water. If you want, these flags can be hand-washed using a light detergent. And when it comes to drying, you should let the flags dry naturally under the Sun instead of putting them in the dryer.

Feather Flag Specifications

Flag Material and Thickness: Our flags are made up of 110gm Polyester Fabric that’s durable and weather resistant.

Uses: Our custom feather flags can be used for both outdoor and indoor use to display business logos, promotion offers, sales and other sporting events etc. These flags serve the purpose of residential and commercial advertisement.

Weight: The weight of the flag will vary as per what you order. Usually the range falls between 5.5lb to 12lbs for every kit.

Print Process: We have a special commercial printing process where the printing is done directly on the material. This helps enhance the quality of the print. For better visibility, it’s recommended that you go for darker colors.

Average Lifespan: If you maintain the flags and store them in a safe place, they can last for more than 3 years. However, if you use the flags on a daily basis, they will serve you for a maximum of 1 year.

Fading: It all depends on where you place or store your flags. Putting them outdoors for a long period of time will cause some damage to the printing and it will start fading a little. However, if you take out the custom feather flags 5 to 6 times a month for your events, they’ll last for more than 5 years straight. And if you are planning to use the flags outdoors, 24/7, you’ll have to replace them after 12 months.

Color Guarantee: There’s no guarantee of matching colors just like the ones on your computer screen. But if you are very specific about the colors on the flags, you can order our swatches that will cost you as less as $9.50. We advise you to go for Pantone colors as they look great on custom feather flags. Colors like purple and blue however can be a little tricky and they might not appear as sharp and dark on the flag as they look on the screen. We do not offer any reprints or refunds for color variations.

Flags Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The “Feather flag” we provide is also known as the “advertising flag” all because of the shape with which it comes.
There are companies that give these flags different names like “flag banners” or “feather banners”. You can call them whatever you want to.

To cut the confusion for our customers, we’ve given different names to our custom flags, like, rectangle flags, feather flags and teardrop flags. No matter what you opt for, each one of them will make a great advertising flag for your business. But when it comes to the question “Which one’s the best?” we’d say that it’s all about your preferences. You can use all of our flags for outdoor and indoor advertisement, just the way you want.

Our custom feather flags are made up of high quality 110gm polyester. We use it because it’s best suitable for outdoor use and on top of that, a little wind will help the flag to flutter a little which definitely looks great.

A swooper flag and a feather flag banner are the same thing. This flag is for the wind to stay open. But when it comes to the feather flags we provide, there’s no need for the wind to stay open and this also is the reason why you get some discount on our swooper flags.

The lifespan of our feather flags depends on how you take care of them and store them. If taken proper care, these flags can last for more than 3 years. On the other hand, exposing them to the Sun for a long time or keeping them outdoors during harsh weather conditions can damage the print and reduce the lifespan to 9 to 12 months.

If you take up our travel package, carrying your feather flag kit around will become a lot easier than it is. What happens in the travel package is that components of the kit including the mounting hardware is made to fit your travel bag.

The dimensions are; 50” x 4” x 3”.

If you are exposing the feather flags to the Sun for 8+ hours every day then yes, the heat will affect the print and it will start fading away. However, fading won’t be an issue for you to worry about if you are using the flags outside for a limited period of time.

Yes, if the wind is too strong, it can blow away the banner. The chances of your feather flag being blown away are higher when the height of the kit is short. It’s recommended to opt for the flag tie down clip to avoid such situations.

It’s of utmost importance to secure the mount in the best possible way because if the wind is too strong, the flag kit might topple over. If you are going for ground spikes, make sure that you’ve hammered them deep enough in the ground to prevent any toppling situation. For cross bases, you need to add weight and for that we recommend using sand bags or weight donuts.

The pole kits can’t be interchanged as our custom flags are made specific as per the height of the pole.

We have a separate flag pole hardware section on our website where you can easily place orders for any replacement piece you want.

There are absolutely no color restrictions when it comes to our digitally printed feather flags. We won’t be charging you for any additional colors and as a cherry on top, we even offer free design services.

No, our feather flags aren’t fire resistant. It’s important that you keep them away from any flames or sparks.

In a single sided feather flag, the graphic print will bleed to the back side. In other words, when we print a graphic on the front, it will leave an exact same impression on the back, this will help create a mirror image. It’s recommended to go for darker colors as they bleed well and the mirror image is clearer as compared to when you use lighter colors.

Yes, you can purchase custom flags that have double sided printing. To make this happen, we will print two flags and then sew them together so that you can target customers coming from all directions.

You can get different designs in double sided flags with different graphics and different colors.

Our ground spikes come with a length of 30”. To hammer it down in the ground, you have a 20” spike.

Weight donuts are also known as water bags that are filled with water or sand to add weight to your feather flag kit. They come with an approximate weight of 15lbs which is enough to keep the feather flag from falling or toppling over.

You have to purchase the travel bag separately on the product page. It will easily fit all of the flag kit components and hardware for you to carry it around.

If you are looking for something more than just a feather flag kit, we have standard custom flags, custom vinyl banners, retractable banners and even air dancers for you to pick. Moreover, if you want some help planning your advertising campaign, we have some qualified professionals to give you a hand with it.