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Bow flag or Concave - Advertising Banner Flags

Still one of our most popular shapes, the Concave (Bow) is available in three different sizes. You can choose to have your Concave printed as a single-reverse or a double-sided feather flag and, like all Concave Basic sets, this shape is an ideal eye catcher for indoor displays. Like other flying shapes flags we offer, the concave shape keeps its form by threading the concave flag Pole Set of your choice through the printed pole sleeve on the flag. The pole set then bends to fit the pole sleeve, pulling the fabric taught. For you this means a unique flag that doesn't need wind to be visible and is easy to set up.

A base is required and there are different base options for indoor, outdoor, flat surfaces and grass. Carrying Cases make it easy to store and transport your feather flag display banner. Tent Depot Standard material used to make the concave flag is designed for outdoor durability and has an excellent through print making it ideal for single reverse or double sided flags of all shapes and sizes.

The Concave flag banner shape is popular with a variety of industries and businesses, including:
  • Retail outlets
  • New/Used car dealerships
  • Beach resorts and destinations
  • Real estate agents
  • Tax professionals