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  1. Rating:
    Display Size: 10ft X 10ft
    CAD $1,600.00
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    Display Size: 13ft X 13ft
    CAD $2,499.00
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    Display Size: 17ft X 17ft
    CAD $2,899.00
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    Display Size: 20ft X 20ft
    CAD $3,599.00
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Why Inflatable dome tents form the popular type at exhibitions and Trade shows?

1. These tent form light baggage when packed and build to Huge tents when they are inflated and installed at the exhibitions. Thus during busy exhibition schedules, it becomes extremely important to travel light and these tents prove to be boon to exhibition Travelers. Installing these tents at exhibitions is just a matter of minutes with the help of an electric pump. Same way deflating the entire tent and packing back to the bag is again a matter of minutes. These are much easier to install than traditional tents. You don’t need a blower continuously to maintain the air pressure inside the tent.

2. Inflatable dome tents provide all the Important and necessary protection against sun wind and rain as the fabric used for making these tents are waterproof, UV resistant and fire-resistant. The material used for making tents is Denier polyester.

3. If you have a huge space to cover at your Floor then these tents can be connected by dome connectors to make a huge Tent. They are completely modular. This way you can join a number of tents to your desired size of the Tent.

4. Numerous options of Tent sizes are available like 10 ft x 10 ft , 13 ft x 13 ft , 17 ft x 17 ft , 20 ft x 20 ft .Every size is accompanied with respective peak height and head clearance.

5. Inflatable dome tents form the most important source of advertisements at the trade show and exhibitions. The surface of these tents can be printed with unlimited color designs and graphics. Type of printing used is Dye sublimation graphic printing. Quality inks are used for printing and thus these prints never fade for years together. They work for a number of exhibitions without any problems .your products dazzle at the show and gather the right attention from the visitor’s. The popularity of your products increase volume sales and thus results in higher revenue generations for the company. This is how your brand is created. Thus these tents are good to return on investment.

6. These Tents create a perfect professional atmosphere at trade shows and exhibitions and are quite reliable. These tents are quite versatile and can be used for a number of events such as
  • Industrial seminars, conventions and exhibitions.
  • Other various outdoor events such as business talks, promotion of company products. Product discussions etc.