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Custom Printed Teardrop Flag Banner with ground spike

The Tear Drop Flag comes in four different sizes with three different base options. You can select teardrop flag and choose the choice of an optional base a water and cross foot base, or a heavy-duty cross foot base. Please note the actual finished flag size is smaller. The sizes listed include the printed flag and the base. Feather Flags or Teardrop Flags are the great eye-catching solution to you get right away traffic’s attention. Feather Banner Flags and Teardrop Banner Flags Signs are 2 most popular sign flags in our Tent Depot which come with three different sizes.

You can choose you to own color or graphic and email to us. Or, let us our professional graphic designer to design and layout your feather or teardrop flags. Also, flag pole accessories such as spike flag base, cross base, screw base for snow or soft ground or sand and flag-carrying bag are available. All the sign flag it can be printed one side and tow sided we recommend only one side printing it is more eye-catching rather tow sided flag. If you have further question please call us today.