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Custom Printed Teardrop Flag Banner with ground spike

The Teardrop Flag comes in four different sizes with three different base options. You can select teardrop flag and choose the choice of an optional base a water and cross foot base, or a heavy-duty cross foot base. Please note the actual finished flag size is smaller. The sizes listed include the printed flag and the base. Feather Flags or Teardrop Flags are the great eye-catching solution to you get right away traffic’s attention. Feather Banner Flags and Teardrop Banner Flags Signs are 2 most popular sign flags in our Tent Depot which come with three different sizes. We will be more than happy to help you design your custom teardrop banners, that too for free! You can choose your own color or graphic and email to us. Or, let us our professional graphic designer to design and layout your feather or teardrop flags. Also, flag pole accessories such as spike flag base, cross base, screw base for snow or soft ground or sand and flag-carrying bag are available. All the sign flag it can be printed one side and tow sided we recommend only one side printing it is more eye-catching rather tow sided flag. If you have further question please call us today.

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    Display Size: 46.4" H x 19.6" W
    CAD $185.00
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    Display Size: 71.6" H x 29.5" W
    CAD $235.00
  3. Rating:
    Display Size: 116.5" H x 46.4" W
    CAD $290.00
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    Display Size: 150.3" H x 46.4" W
    CAD $350.00
Set Descending Direction

4 Items

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Teardrop Flag Bases & Brackets

Ground Stake
The ground stake is specifically used for locations where there’s grass, mud or dirt. You have to hammer down the spike into the ground until it stands till and firm in place. Just ensure that there are no sprinkler pipes or underground wire connections before you start the hammering.

Cross Base
Using the teardrop flag on some solid flat surface? You’d need our cross base in this case. Our cross base comes with its own weight of 10lbs and if you want to add some additional weight to keep the teardrop banner kit stable then use our weight donuts or sandbags that will add 15lbs more to your kit.

Flat Base
Want to hide the base when displaying your teardrop banner? Use the flat base as it comes with the thinnest flagpole mount and has a weight of 16lbs on its own. This way it will be easier for you to hide the base by pushing it down under the drawer or table.

Car Wheel Base
This one’s for car dealerships who want some quick flag mounting for the tires of their cars. Our wheelbase is quite famous among auto dealerships.

Teardrop Flags Pole Stand Options

Our teardrop banner flags are quite famous due to their unique design. You can use these custom flags for multiple advertising purposes whether it’s some trade show, business, some product or some special event. Most people who purchase these banners from us use them at concerts, fairs and outdoor festivals.

The teardrop flag style will be the best suitable option for indoor use. All because of its shape, this flag will remain 100% open all the time and it won’t even flutter or move if there’s some wind around. It’s a one portable banner that can work wonders for you in grabbing people’s attention.

When we say “flag poles", people think that they are some kind of long and bulky poles that are very heavy to deal with. However, with us, there’s no such thing you have to worry about because our flag pole kits are light in weight and they aren’t bulky at all. They can easily be telescoped for you to make a one huge unit altogether.

Our custom feather flags are a little heavy but our teardrop flags are lighter in weight than them. The approximate weight of our teardrop flag kit is somewhat around 6.5lbs. In this weight, there are three components included: flag, one ground stake, flag pole. In case you know you’ll have to travel around with the teardrop banner kit, it’s recommended that you take our travel bag. You can easily fit all of the banner components and hardware in that bag.

You can now get the attention you want for your business or product in a large crowd just by installing the 12 foot feather flag banner kit. If it’s an indoor event, we suggest you buy the 9 foot flutter flag kit and see how things fall into place for you. You can get our custom flags in whatever size you want and then use them in any occasion that you feel the need to.

To make the teardrop banner flags more effective for outdoor and indoor promotions, we suggest you add our best seller-custom air dancers. Tell us the design you want with whatever logo in whichever color and we’ll get you a perfectly designed inflatable tube man that will help enhance your impression and get you the kind of attention you want from your customers.

All you have to do is to put in a request for a free design and then let our designers help you out. We can bet on the fact that you will love the designs we’ll provide.

Flag Material: Polyester knitted fabric

Thickness: 4 oz. in weight (110gm)

Recommended Uses: You can use our teardrop banner kit for both indoor and outdoor promotions, advertisements or to display your products.

Weight: Flag weights will vary from 5.5lb (8ft teardrop flag kit) to 10lbs per kit (14ft teardrop banner kit).

Print Process: Our commercial print process prints the graphics directly to the material. This is how you get a high quality print on your custom teardrop banners. With direct printing comes a great bleed through that creates a mirror image. For better visibility, we suggest you try darker colors as they come with an even better bleed through.

Average Lifespan: It all depends on the maintenance and care of the teardrop banner kit. If you properly store it after using it, the kit will last for more than 3 years straight. However, if you use the kit everyday and expose it to heat for more than 8 hours then it will just last for 9 to 12 months. This kit has a paddle or a teardrop shape which means that it will pick up more wind so when it’s too windy outside, you should consider bringing it inside to keep it safe. On the other hand, if you want something that’s more resistant to wind then opt for our flag banners or rectangle banners. They can deal with strong winds in a better way.

Fading of Flags: Exposing the flags to the Sun and heat for several hours everyday can speed up the fading process. If you take care of the teardrop banners, the printing on them will last for upto 4 years but if you use them outdoors everyday for more than 8 hours, you might have to replace them within 9 to 12 months.

Color Guarantee: We do not provide any guarantee regarding the printed colors. Colors may vary from what you see on your computer screen and if you are very particular about the colors, we suggest you use our swatches that come with a very reasonable fee. Moreover, Pantone colors will work best for you when it comes to custom teardrop banner flags. No replacements or refunds will be provided in case of color variation.

Learning how to design a custom feather flag on adobe illustrator can really be a fun thing to do for you. It’s a very easy and quick process if done with vector files. Using vector files will help a long way if you want the best print quality possible.

While designing, just keep one thing in mind that customers nowadays like “to the point” advertisements. You have to keep your customer feather flag design as simple as it can be and make sure that it’s appealing enough to catch your customer’s attention.

Ordering our teardrop banner kits right now means that you’ll be getting free shipping. Moreover, we have quite a good range of custom signs with 30% discounted prices so do go through them once because we know you’ll find something suitable for your business.

We offer single and double sided prints. It’s suggested that you use our double sided teardrop banner kits to target customers coming from all directions.

In case you are short on money, we’ve got you covered with our stock feather flag banners that are available at a very reasonable price. Our inventory is full of stock flags that you’ll fall in love with. Checkout some of the most popular open flags and sale flags that we have for you. When it comes to the stock flag banner designs, it will just cost you $14.99. The complete replacement kit will cost you $49 which is quite low as compared to what other companies offer. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that we are the hub or durable and reliable cheap feather flags that will help you meet your advertising objectives in the best possible way.