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TentDepot Trade show Booths & Displays for your Promotional Events

Trade Show booths from TentDepot are the most effective way to showcase your brand at the trade show events. The custom booths and displays we have designed are to help you to get the best attention at the promotional events.

With our creative exhibits, you will be able to stand out from the crowd for maximum visibility. Custom trade show displays are the best when it comes to getting your brand noticed. We offer a range of trade show displays to fit your branding needs. All our displays are made up of high strength, heavy-duty frames, which will make the exhibit stay at one place even in the outdoor events.

Custom trade show displays for your branding

Lots of companies showcase their products at trade shows and there is a chance of being the same as the other brands out there marketing their products. Your unique visibility at the trade show is the key to success to attract the customers and visitors to your booth. Having a custom brand-oriented booth will definitely help you stand out from the crowd.

All kinds of displays for your promotional need at trade show events

We offer all kinds of displays and backdrops to increase the branding at trade shows. We have magnetic pop up booths and displays which are phenomenal when it comes to set up the booth instantly. It does not take much time and conserve energy in a tight event schedule.

We also offer Tabletop displays for the limited space in the trade show events. With its utmost elegant looks, it attracts prospective customers. We have tension fabric displays that are easy to set up as well and won’t take more than two people to install the booth.

Portable and easy to carry trade show displays

TentDepot displays are made up of high strength, heavy-duty aluminium frame. Our booths are ultra-portable for carrying the displays everywhere you go with ease. These are also airline friendly, so you can carry them to far distances by air. The displays come in various shapes such as Straight, Curve and Serpentine. These are available in various sizes such as 6ft, 8ft, 10ft and 20ft depending on the exhibition space availability.

Enhance your trade show booth with our accessories

Adding adequate accessories to the booth for the exhibition is influential in the branding point of view. It gives a more elegant look to the booth and also increases brand visibility in front of the crowd. We offer accessories such as counter table, TV Stand, Ipad Stand, Banners, LED and Halogen Lights, LED Snap Frames, etc.

Want a graphic designed for your booth backdrop?

The backdrop graphic of your booth will decide how successful you will be portraying your product and services. TentDepot uses very advance dye-sublimation printing on the fabric. Not only this, the fabric we use is wrinkle-free fabric.

Even if you want to get your artwork designed by us or want to put logo/creative on the backdrop, then our in-house designers can design this within a few hours. We will make sure to put your idea to reality with our services.

Graphic Replacement for your Tension Fabric and Pop UP Booth

Need for a graphic replacement? If you already have a booth and want another graphic on it, then we are a one-stop-shop for it. We will provide you the desired graphic on your existing frame for your next promotional trade show events.

Maintaining your trade show booth and displays

Maintaining the display or backdrop is one of the easiest tasks to do. Our fabric can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and the dust will be removed. For more protection and better maintenance, you can detach the fabric from the frame and disassemble the frame to be kept in the respective carrying case. The fabric is wrinkle-free.

Fast shipping across Canada with fast turnaround time for our Trade Show Products

We are proud of our fast turnaround time. We deliver most orders to your door within 7-9 business days of approving the artwork design. We also offer rush turnaround options, especially when your trade show is around the corner. You can pick up your order from our showroom itself if you are based in Toronto, which will save shipping time and charges. We ship very fast across Canada and in locations such as Ontario, Quebec, British, Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, and Edmonton.

Got questions for our trade show products and services?

If you have questions related to our trade show products and services, then contact us or Live Chat with one of our representatives.