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Custom Table Covers

Personalized Table Covers

Tablecloths with personalized logos help you stand out from the crowd. Not only does it make your table at an expo stand out, but a customized tablecloth can be used for almost any occasion, from weddings to family gatherings!

Logo Tablecloths

For a business, nothing quite says style and confidence like a logo-printed custom tablecloth. Printed on 300D premium polyester fabric that's guaranteed to be durable, you'll be pleasantly surprised by how cost-effective the prices for a logo tablecloth can be!

We understand that our clients attend a wide range of professional events, and we try to cater to each one. We have adapted our sizes to be usable with most tables. Show tables pop with our 6-foot throw covers. For larger tables, our 8-foot printed tablecloths are ideal for bringing out your company's logo and color scheme. Our 4-foot throws are perfect for smaller tables that you may need to fill out your display area.

Logo Tablecloths

Dye Sublimated Tablecloths

Dye Sublimated Trade Show Table Covers

Trade show covers need to be able to stand up to heavy use. Because of this, we ensured that we'd offer our clients the highest quality of dye-sublimated table covers to suit their needs. Dye sublimation is a printing technique that heats the dye and applies it directly onto the polyester fabric. The result is a vibrant display that keeps the colors and is durable enough for heavy continuous use.

Table covers by themselves can guarantee a fresh look for your display, but when they're paired with banners or runners, they can make for a unique setup. Individuality stands out in a trade show, and if you want visitors to take notice of your brand, you'll have to go the extra mile.

Table Cover Care

Tablecloths get dirty, especially if they see a lot of use. To keep your tablecloth in the best condition you can, you have the option of washing it in a machine on a gentle cycle, or handwashing it in cold water. We recommend that you don't use bleach as it will damage the coloration of the tablecloth. Dry cleaning is also not recommended, as it could negatively impact the dye-sublimated ink. After washing, wrinkles can be dealt with using steam or a low-heat iron. To help you with the care of your printed tablecloth, we designed a helpful guide on How to Fold a Table Cover.