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Custom Rectangle Flags

Tent Depot has several different types of fabric flags available. Our rectangle flag has a properly finished header on the left side. We also have three different sizes of rectangle flags, and tear drop flags. Whether it is a grand opening, a sale, an open house or just letting customers know that you are open, we have different type hardware with custom printed flag for you! All of our flags are printed using a direct dye sublimation printing process, which means the ink goes through the fabric to create an eye catching display. Flags are commonly used for outdoor events, Trade shows, grand openings, sales, open houses, and just letting people know that you are open! The flags can be used indoors or outdoors to present messages and corporate identities. The flag poles are constructed of a strong but flexible Composite material that is superior to other poles that have an aluminum base. Tent Depot pole hardware is covered by a lifetime warranty!

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    Display Size: 64.9" H x 27.5" W
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    Display Size: 96.4" H X 27.5" W
    CAD $180.00
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    Display Size: 135.8" H X 27.5" W
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Custom Rectangle Flag Options

We offer free custom designs for rectangle flags. One of our designers will approach you within 30 minutes to 2 hours during our business days. Want to advertise some product, business or an event? Try out our rectangle flags and you sure will be impressed with the results. No matter how many graphics you want to put on display with whatever text, these rectangle flags will be the right fit for you. Unlike our teardrop banners or custom feather flag kits, our rectangle flags don’t have any curves which makes them easy to design.

Rectangle Flags Pole Stand Options

Ground Stake
The ground stake is a mount with a length of 20” that can be hammered down in the grass or dirt without any hassle. Just ensure that you get past the soft soil layer when putting the spike down so that it stands steady and firm in its place.

Cross Base
If you want to put your rectangle flag on some solid and straight surface then cross base is best suitable here. The cross base comes with a weight of 10lbs and you can add some extra weight using our weight donuts or sand bags so that the flag doesn’t topple over in case the wind is too strong.

Flat Base
Want low visibility when putting your rectangle flag banner on display? If yes then opt for the flat base that comes with a weight of 16 pounds but the pole is thin enough for you to hide it under any table or drawer.

Car Wheel Base
The wheelbase is best to mount the flag to the tires of your cars. You can even use this base for cars in parking lots.

Rectangle Banner Flags Specs

With our rectangle banner flags, you’ll be getting all that instant attention you want from your customers. We assure you that right after you put these flags on display, you will get some real-time impressions and those impressions will then bring you the kind of foot traffic you need to enhance your sales. These banners are ideal for outdoor and indoor display and they have a huge 3ft wide area where you can print any graphics you want with any text of your choice. It’s high time to get the potential customers your business deserves so don’t wait any further and get custom flag banners designed right away.

Installation: It’s very easy to put the rectangle banner flags together. It will take you less than 10 minutes to assemble the poles and slide the flag onto the pole. Once every pole piece is in its place, you can then place it into your mount.

Banner Care: It’s of utmost importance to maintain your rectangle flag banner and store it in a safe place. When it’s not in use, just put the banner flag in a safe box at room temperature. Also, keep all the sharp objects away from the banner and don’t let it rub against the wall or else the printed graphics on it will start fading away. You can always machine wash the banner with cold water at a low cycle but don’t ever put it inside the dryer. Air dry the banner or use it on the flag pole for effective results.

To get the best out of your advertising campaign, we suggest you use a combination of our signs with custom air dancers. This is going to work wonders for you in driving some real time foot traffic. It’s the best way to maximize your impressions and ultimately increase your sales.

Flag Material: Polyester

Thickness: 4 oz. (110gm)

Best Uses: You can use our rectangle flag banners to put your services, products, business, promotions or events on display both outdoors and indoors. No matter what the size of the banner is that you want, we will be there to provide it to you without any hassle.

Weight: Flag weights will vary from 6.5lb to 12lbs per kit.

Print Process: Our print process is the most effective one as everything is directly printed on the polyester material. This helps with a great bleed through that then produces an exact mirror image on the backside of the flag banner. It’s better if you choose darker colors because the darker the color, the better the bleed through impression will be.

Average Lifespan: With proper use, you can expect your flag banner to last for more than 3 years but if you expose the flag to too much heat or sunlight every single day, you might have to replace it after 9 to 12 months. If the wind outside is too strong, simply take the banner inside to prevent the poles from falling apart. This is important as the rectangle flags catch more wind than the feather flags.

Fading: The best thing about our feather flags and rectangle flags is that the printing on them doesn’t fade away easily. If taken proper care, the print will stay the way it is for at least 4 years. But again, if you expose it to too much heat or direct sunlight on a daily basis it will just speed up the fading process.

Color Guarantee: There’s no guarantee that the color on the computer screen will match the one that we print on the flag. However, you can use our color swatches if you are particular about the colors. These swatches won’t cost you much. Furthermore, the CMYK prints won’t have the kind of neon glow that you see on the screen. There’s no refund or reprint policy provided by us for color variation.

Rectangle Banner Flags Specs

No matter what kind of flag you want, we are here to serve you with a wide range that will satisfy and meet your business advertisement objectives. We offer everything ranging from teardrop flags to custom feather flags, air dancers, rectangle banners and vinyl banners. Especially when it comes to our rectangle banner flags, you can expect high level durability and reliability. These banner flags are 3feet wide and they come in several different heights ranging from 6ft to 12ft.

When you shop with us, you have access to the following:

  • Authentic and unique feather flags made by the most legitimate company in the Canada
  • More than 600 stock flag designs at extremely affordable prices.
  • You can use our online design tool to create the custom flag of your dreams. If you want, you can add images to that design, use photos and add logos without any restrictions. In other words, you can show your creative skills with the design tool and get the best out of it.
  • For custom sign orders, we provide free design services. All you have to do is to share your ideas with our team and then let them take care of that idea. They will turn it into reality for you.
  • A massive range of styles, designs and sizes available for both single sided printing and double sided printing.
  • Quick deliveries, within 1-3 business days.
  • Quick turnaround times, typically 1-3 business days.
  • Top notch quality digital printing with no restrictions on colors and graphics. You can get the best quality of print on both sides of the flag banner, just the way you want.
  • Extremely reasonable prices and some great discounts offered on various custom products no matter which design you choose.
  • Exceptional customer service and the best and the most creative team of designers that will review your design idea and then help you make the best out of it.
  • The stock orders are out the same day when they are placed. Our logistics team is quite fast when it comes to deliveries.
  • We have the best printing team available who are quite skilful when it comes to printing different flags and banners to make businesses look great.