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To ensure the safety of our customers and the proper functioning of our products, we always guarantee the quality when used according to our product-specific assembly instructions, warning labels, and disclaimers. We strongly advise customers to thoroughly read and adhere to our product manual before using any products. Neglecting to do so can result in damage to the unit, serious injury, or death, thereby voiding all warranties.

Tent Depot highly recommends that customers thoroughly inspect their product upon delivery for any obvious manufacturing defects. If any such problems are noticed, they must be reported to us within eight (8) business days and before the product is used. In some cases, simply sending us a few photos via email can be sufficient for proof of manufacturing defects claims. However, if the item needs to be shipped back for repairs, the customer will be responsible for the shipment cost. As soon as Tent Depot receives the product, it will be inspected to determine if the issue is due to a manufacturing fault. If it is, the item will be either repaired or substituted free of cost and sent back to the client with regular ground shipping. Nonetheless, any extra costs for expedited shipping or production will not be taken care of by this warranty policy. A free replacement product will only be sent after the damaged product has been examined.

If the claim is ruled a manufacturing defect, our customer service team will work with the customer to achieve a satisfactory solution. Tent Depot aims to ensure that all customers are happy with their purchase and understand that sometimes issues can occur. If, however, the claim is judged not to be a manufacturing defect, we will inform the customer of this and explain that they are responsible for any costs associated with repairs as well as shipping should they choose to have us repair and/or replace the product. Warranties do not apply to situations such as:

  • Not adhering to instructions, alerts, and/or disclaimers
  • Natural catastrophes, storms, and heavy winds
  • Improper use or deliberate adjustment of the product
  • Prints or related equipment used with prints or hardware not produced or sold by Tent Depot
  • Theft, loss, or destruction
  • Harm caused in transit
  • Signs of wear and tear, including regular fading

Regarding warranty disputes, Tent Depot has the final say in determining the nature and cause of damage and deciding the exact warranty solution and response. All decisions shall be binding, and there shall be no scope for any further debate on the same. This ensures quick resolution of any disputes related to warranties while also protecting our customers from any inconvenience due to such claims.

Period of Coverage

Prints created by Tent Depot are covered by a specified period of assurance. The guarantee lasts for a year for indoor prints, while prints used externally have a 6-month limited warranty. As far as the hardware used indoors and outdoors is concerned, a 6-month warranty is provided for the former, and a 1-year warranty is given for the latter against any manufacturing flaws.