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    Display Size: 59.8" H x 15.7" W
    CAD $165.00
  2. Rating:
    Display Size: 78.7" H X 24.8" W
    CAD $230.00
  3. Rating:
    Display Size:116.5" H X 26.7" W
    CAD $325.00
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    Display Size: 158.6" H X 28.3" W
    CAD $450.00
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Custom Printed Straight Flag banners for outdoor / Indoor Events

Tent Depot custom printed flags are a great way to draw attention to your business or your any indoor or outdoor event. Whether it is a grand opening, a sale, an open house, or letting customers know that you are open; custom printed flags are the product for you! All of tent depot flags are printed using a direct dye sublimation printing process - this means that the ink goes through the fabric instead of sitting on top of the fabric.

Why Tent Depot Flags ?
  • Scoop up attention with the Tent Depot Flags!
  • Curve on top of the flag
  • Easy to set up in little time!
  • No minimum orders - only order what you need!
  • Print extends to pole sleeve - more uniform look with increased print area
  • Ready for immediate use, no washing required - we already did that for you
  • Made for indoor and low-wind outdoor use